What's the difference between Counselling, Psychotherapy and Life Coaching? 



Possibly only a few sessions are needed for effective mental health support. Actively and carefully listening with empathy and no judgement. 



Looking in much more detail, focusing on emotions and past experiences. Exploring and working on building self worth and self esteem. Improving confidence and enabling changing thought processes. Working through trauma and difficult life events.


For counselling and psychotherapy, weekly sessions are recommended. 50 or 60 minutes in duration.


Life Coaching

More structured, solution-focused, and can be more directive in approach to a specific goal or task within an agreed time frame. 'Steps for success' work in-between sessions. Forward-facing (future), and targeted to achieve a realistic, attainable outcome. Sessions could be weekly/bi-weekly or monthly. First session of 2 hours, then 1 hour sessions thereafter.